Slimming Offer

Slimming Offer

The "Dynamic Duo" by Karin Herzog, two steps for a visibly smoother and firmer skin after 2 weeks already!

Step 1: «Silhouette» anti-cellulites cream: 4% of active oxygen, to break down fat
Step 2: «Tonus B12» toning cream to help drain and remove fat.

Tests prove it: slimming up to 1.7cm and a firming up to 31%.

Silhouette cream will break up accumulated fat deposits under the effect of a powerful dose of oxygen. Complete routine with Tonus B12 cream, massaging a few minutes (upward palpate-roll massage of the skin) to more quickly drain and evaluate fat buildup.

Recommendations for use: Use 1 to 2 times a day on clean and dry skin.  Apply a thin layer of Silhouette with an applicator brush to the affected areas, without massaging. Leave in to take effect for 7 to 10 minutes. Rinse off if desired. The toning action of oxygen on the skin being highly effective, you may feel slight tingling, especially when first applying the product.


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