3 steps to gently but very effectively remove orange peel skin:

STEP 1- Oxygen Body 3%, Body Firming Cream, 50 ml
During the first 1 month: "Oxygen Body 3%" to moisturize, firm and prepare, on the affected areas, the elimination of orange peel (application 1x/day)

ETAPE 2 - Silhouette, Anti-cellulite body cream, 50 ml
The 2nd month: 4% oxygen to crumble the fat: "Silhouette" for a more in-depth cellulite treatment.

ETAPE 3 - Tonus B12, Draining and toning cream, 50 ml
During the 2 months, as a complement, massage the skin from bottom to top and help to eliminate, with Tonus B12, these unsightly clusters after the application of these 2 treatments.


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