Deeply reoxygenating, Karin Herzog skincare reactivates cutaneous respiration and rids the skin from its impurities thanks to the antiseptic effect of hydrogen peroxide. Formulated with active oxygen, the treatments are applied in a very fine layer without the use of massaging, ideally with a brush to help release the oxygen directly onto the skin.

Oxygen provides a sensation of freshness and may cause slight tingling, which proves that it changes its state and works on the epidermis.

Moisturizing, regulating and rebalancing care

Oxygen Face (50ml)
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The definitive response for fighting against imperfections and excess sebum.


Anti-aging cream

Vita-A-Kombi 2 (50 ml)
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Anti-aging oxygenating treatment with 2% active oxygen for problematic skin.



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Luxury Ingredients
oxygen science Our Patented Oxygen Science
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Oxygen, an indispensable element of skin life and health, has many qualities. Formulas with oxygen, a powerful disinfectant, are hypoallergenic, suitable for all skin types and need no preservatives thanks to its cleansing action. A purely natural element, active oxygen is highly moisturizing and has great affinity with hydrogen, helping create water molecules within the epidermis.


Dr Paul Herzog, Swiss professor and scientist worldwide known, dedicated his whole career to the study of artificial respiration and oxygen benefits on human body. His work, for medical purposes, gave him the opportunity to understand its virtues.

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Our Victories

″[…] I love it. That wash and scrub are fantastic - everything is.″ Amber Heard, American actress
″I love Vita-A-Kombi — it’s a magical lotion that keeps my pimples away. ″ Uma Thurman, American actress
″I'm a big fan of Karin Herzog moisturizers, especially the Vita-A-Kombi.″ Molly Sims, Model and american actress
″When I'm on tour, I take care of my eyes with the Eye Cream by Karin Herzog with active oxygen.″ Joyce Jonathan, French artist
″My latest crush? The oxygen cream from Karin Herzog which have an incredible light texture.″ Karine Viard, French actress
″The difference is spectacular! This cream visibly reduces fine lines and decongests puffy eyes.″ Fabiola Arragones, Editor of Belleza magazine
″An amazing product that visibly reduces cellulite! Thighs are firmer and smoother! ″ Rebecca, Karin Herzog customer
″The apricot fragrance adds a cocooning effect, honestly I'm a fan!″ La Beauté de Lâm, Beauty blogger

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